It's ok to not love every minute of it

I normally write this on a Sunday, with that nice relaxed feeling of writing on a weekend when time is your own and no one is expecting anything of you. I find it pretty conducive to creativity.

But I was away all weekend in Devon for a Surfers Against Sewage training conference, and so only got home late yesterday and found myself rolling into Monday without taking a breath in between the last week and this one.

And so here I am writing this after what I could only describe as a day of wrangling. When I say wrangling, what I mean is one of those days that makes you feel exhausted, where everything just feels a bit harder than it probably needs to, and when every task on your list suddenly feels heavier and more urgent than normal.

So it was perfect timing for an email to show up in my inbox from a designer whose words resonated with me so deeply :

You can love what you're doing and be at the same time.

I read her words this afternoon and felt immediate relief. And when I got home this evening, I realised that it's exactly what I needed to hear. Because all too often we keep this stuff inside - we don't want to admit it so we push the feelings away and brush ourselves off so we can crack on with the work.

But what if saying it out loud was actually useful ? What if admitting that it's really freaking hard sometimes is actually ok ?

It doesn't take away from how much you love your work, or how dedicated you are to the cause. It doesn't diminish your ability to be productive or create epic work.

It just makes you human.