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Brand Strategy

The Super Stoked Method is a two day branding program designed specifically to build brand strategy for purpose driven organisations.

Our work together is focused on the six core elements of your brand: Purpose/Story/People/Product/Identity/Experience. Upon completion of Super Stoked, our team will build your bespoke Brand Book – an invaluable resource for your team.

Here’s what makes Super Stoked different. We take the branding process OUTSIDE. Removing you from your screen & out of your office and plugging you into natural spaces to give you the inspiration to think outside the box and really immerse yourself in the process.

Business as a force for good

The old-school concept of CSR is outdated and no longer relevant in today’s market. Consumers are actively looking for brands who are purpose driven and dedicated to using business as a force for good. We believe conscious capitalism is the way forward. Work with me to define your purpose and build an activation strategy around it. I’m a trained B Leader with B Corp, which means I can guide you through the B Corp Certification, or help you establish how your business will balance people, planet & profit.

Environmental Education

We've spent the last 15 years dedicated to environmental education. The majority of our work is focused on building curriculum & teaching resources that challenge the traditional models of education. I combine experiential learning, outdoor education & design thinking into our methodology.

Sustainability Consultancy

Our sustainability consultancy focuses on two key areas : Operations - creating a strategy to minimise the environmental footprint. Communications - Telling the story of your work & raising awareness of the sustainability issues that are relevant to your industry & audience.

Design Thinking Facilitator

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving. We've been lucky enough to train with IDEO, leaders in human-centred design for positive impact. Hire me to lead workshops, design sprints & events that build real connections, enable wild ideas & find innovative solutions.

Clients & Collaborations